Ad Repository. A fresh tool from Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads has introduced an Ad Repository. What is it and how it can help us? 

This feature allows app developers and marketers to explore competitor data and formulate effective strategies for their Apple Search Ads campaigns. It’s important to highlight that currently, the Ad Repository includes data for only EU countries. 

How we can use it? 

Go to the official Apple Search Ads repository (here is the link:  and enter the name of the app or developer to find out what types of Apple Search Ads placements your competitors are currently operating on, and what creatives and keywords are being used in their ads.

How we can use this knowledge? 

Basically, getting the scoop on where your top competitors are aiming at, how they’re splitting their audience, what ad styles they’re rocking, where they’re popping up (like in search results, the Today tab, and search/product pages), and when they last left an impression can seriously pay off in setting and optimizing the strategy for ASA strategy. 

Take into account

When we look closer at the “First Impression” and “Last Impression” metrics, Apple doesn’t seem to have started collecting this data until August 2023, meaning there’s currently no way to know the actual first view dates, and “last view” dates. In general, those data are usually delayed by a week. Hopefully, in the future, Apple will be able to provide much more up-to-date last-view dates.

We highly recommend spending a bit of time with this feature and implementing gathered knowledge in creating the winning strategy for your application!