InPost Mobile wins Best Mobile Application Q1 Award

We are proud to announce that InPost snatched our Q1 Best Mobile Application Award edition!

Together with AppsFlyer, we commit to picking the best mobile applications, based on their outstanding development.

The jury especially appreciated the introduction of new features, improving user experience, as well as high ratings in the Google Play and App Store.

The InPost Mobile app offers a number of features that make sending and receiving parcels very easy. In the last quarter, InPost enriched it with another feature – PUSH notifications about sharing a parcel with another person in the “from app to app” option. Until now, the app did not inform the user that a parcel had been made available for pickup, so the user might not have noticed it.

Another recent change is to move the notification center from the bottom of the home screen to its top-right corner. This is a move that is in line with current UX trends, and it has made using the app even more convenient since most people hold their phone in one hand with their thumb pointing toward the top right corner of the screen. InPost has also added the ability to enter a discount code when sending a package.

The company’s continued attention to the comfort of its users is reflected in the app’s ratings in the mobile stores, currently at 4.9 in Google Play and 5.0 in the Apple Store. What’s more, it has moved up 18 places in the ranking of all available apps in the former and 15 places in the latter. Throughout the first quarter of this year, it ranked 5th on average in the “shopping” category in both stores.

The purpose of the “Best Mobile Application” competition is to showcase best practices in the development and promotion of mobile applications in Poland. Within the framework of the plebiscite, every year and once a quarter, a mobile application is awarded that has significantly distinguished itself from others in a given period. In awarding the prizes, the jury, consisting of representatives of aBooster and AppsFlyer, takes into account such factors as new features, growth rate, user experience, or method of exposure in app stores.